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Need personalized powder coating advice, tips, and tricks? Try this option. This is for 1 on 1 phone call or video chatting to help you get started in your powder coating adventure. Select the option for how long you want your personalized training to last. Once purchased I will contact you to set up your time and date of training, and I will aslo get you to answer a few quick questions to reduce wasted video call time. Video calls will be made Google Meet.


Need help on how to get started?

Need help building your oven?

Need help building your spray booth?

Need advice on certain products?

You name it, let's talk about it!


I try to get to as many comments and emails as I can but sometimes because of my tight schedule I'm not able to go into as much detail as I would like to be able to fully help. If this is something you're interested in but have further questions please feel free to email me before purchasing.

Consultation / 1 on 1 Training

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