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** original hoppers delayed est. two weeks**


The hopper upgrade will allow you to take your new RC-1 Powder Coat System to the next level. The hopper upgrade will allow you to have up to one pound of powder to spray without stopping to refill. This kit comes with an adapter to adapt the hopper hose to the bottom of the gun without any permanent modifications. You will still be able to use your 12oz cup by simply unscrewing the adapter and screwing your 12oz cup back on just as if you were cleaning the system between colors.


This kit includes:

• 12 feet of powder hose

• 1 hopper

• 1 hopper adapter

• 1 air tight gasket


(the air hose included with the system will work with the hopper)


If you have previously purchased a hopper kit from us in the past and would like to only purchase the adapter click here:

RC-1 Hopper Upgrade Kit

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