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Starting your powder coat business or DIY set up has never been so easy! Multi coats are made super easy with the digital voltage and microamp adjusments along with our optional corona ring. Check out our youtube video to see just how well this system performs multi coat applications. Color changes are also extremely simple and take about 1 minute to complete.


  • • 6’ power cord

    • 12’ power cord to gun

    • 12’’ air line hose to gun

    • 5’ ground clip

    • 24oz powder cup

    • 0-100KV adjustability

    • 0-100μA micro amp adjustability

    • conical nozzle with various size deflectors

    • fan tip nozzle (pairs best with a hopper kit or hopper cup for a lighter cloud at a higher air volume to keep the nozzle cleaned out better while spraying)

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