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Take your RC-1 or RC-2 to the next level with this Fluidizing Hopper Kit! This kit will allow you to use a fluidized hopper with your single pressure regulated system while being 100% plug and play. No permanant modifictions are needed to adapt your system to this Fluidizing Hopper Kit. 


* This kit will work with all single pressure regulated systems on the market that use a 1/2" ID powder hose and a 6mm air pressure hose. Please contact me if you have questions about fitting this kit to your system. *

RC Fluidizing Hopper Kit

$325.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
  • • Regulator Box

    • Fluidized Hopper

    • Angle Pump

    • 12' Grounded Powder Hose

    • Hose Spring

  • • T Splice ($20) - plug and play option to run non regulated line from the air inlet of the control box for the hopper fluidization bed regulator

    • Fluidizing Hopper Holder ($35) - The holder comes with magnets installed for mounting to metal booths and key slots for mounting with screws.

    • RC Powder Hose adapter ($15) - This adapter screws into the bottom of your RC powder coating gun allowing it to accept the powder hose.

    • Powder Hose Clips ($12) - Powder Hose Clips are a great way to manage the powder hose and gun cable.

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